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Mortgage Tips & News

  • Home loan packages, the good and bad

    Home loans or a hot topic on everyone's lips at the moment and it's not hard to see why. The Reserve Bank of Australia recently cut the official cash rate to an all-time low and the major lenders have been offering some highly competitive interest rates on home loans across the board. Even in these competitive times, how do you know that the home loan you may be considering is right for you?

  • HashChing – meet the mortgage whisperers

    There’s a silent revolution sweeping the $1.5 trillion dollar Australian mortgage market – and it’s been started by two friends with a secret.

  • Infographic of the 10 Fastest Growing Suburbs of NSW

    The New South Wales suburbs continue to grow at an incredible rate. The infographic provided by YourMortgage shows which suburbs are growing the fastest.

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Expert Advice

  • How can to attract good tenants and keep them in your investment property

    by Carolyn Parrella from Terri Scheer Insurance Carolyn Parrella, Executive Manager, Terri Scheer Insurance discusses ways to attract good tenants and keep them in your investment property

  • Attracting the right buyers

    by Will Keall from iMortgage Professional photographs of your property, check. Advertisement in the real estate pages, check. Hiring a real estate agent, check. There are some basic steps that almost everyone follows in order to capture buyers’ interests when they decide to sell their property.

  • 10 signs you’re on the right financial path

    by Michael Yardney from Metropole Property Strategists Being good with money is a skill you can learn. Some people complain they aren’t very good with finances — they argue they don’t have a head for numbers — but I believe everyone can become wealthy if they know how.

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