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  • Is It Worth Fixing Your Home Loan?

    Home owners and investors have been thoroughly spoiled lately by the highly competitive home loan market. Those who have taken advantage of the rates on offer from lenders are clearly enjoying the savings they’re making on their mortgage repayments.

  • Why get a mortgage manager?

    Mortgage managers can be a lot of help in seeing your loan through to full repayment

  • Rents rise as vacancy rates decline

    Landlords remain in control of the market as housing demand continues to rise

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Expert Advice

  • 5 Toxic Money Habits that are holding you back

    by Michael Yardney from Metropole Property Strategists Money is a topic that never fails to get people talking. So many want more of it, but when they get their hands on it they fail to use it properly or have no idea how to make it grow.

  • 8 reasons why you're not rich

    by Michael Yardney from Metropole Property Strategists We all want to be financially secure. But many of us want to be financially successful and are prepared to put in the hard work to make it a reality.

  • Optimise your loan structure

    by Michael Yardney from Metropole Property Strategists How to nab the ideal loan: flexibility, control and more cash in your pocket - As a property investor, your job is heavily layered.

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